I am having a issue with executing a stored procedure from a trigger. I have two tables, a staging table, and a live table. The staging table has a FOR INSERT trigger on in that executes a stored procedure, and also uses some error handling. However, I have placed a primary key on the live table, and I'm inserting data into the table that will violate that primary key. This is to test that the transaction gets rollback correctly. However, the data never gets inserted into the staging table, nor will any raiserror kick off. The stored procedure gets called, and errors out with out calling my if @@ERROR <> 0 statement, or inserting data into my staging table. How can I still insert data into the staging table and call the @@ERROR statement? Can I check the constraints of the table called by the stored procedure before actually calling the stored procedure? I have also tried the INSTEAD OF INSERT as well, that doesn't work either. Thanks.