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Thread: dynamic Form ?

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    Unanswered: dynamic Form ?


    i am trying to create a dynamic Form that shows the following:

    data image
    ----- -------
    1 (sdsdsd.gif)
    2 (ewrwerew.gif)
    3 (fdggfg.gif)

    where data is just text and image is the actual displayed image. data and image are not in either a database or ODBC repository. they are stored in a proprietary system.

    i currently pull the data in from a custom component. after i pull the data in Access, i put it in an array.

    i would like to use the built in Form functionality for displaying the array, but the question is - how can i get bind the array to a Form?

    is it possible to create a Recordset, that is not tied to any database, and populate with the above values (like a read-only cursor) ? then bind the Recordset to a Form for display purposes?

    if so, how?

    thanks in advance,

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    anyone have any thoughts?

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