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    Unanswered: SQL SERVER Command line

    Hi one and all

    I have a query for you guys,I was to automate a task on sql.

    What i need is the command line instructions for the following 5 options for SQL server 2000
    1-Stop SQL server (net stop mssqlserver)
    2-Start SQL Server (net start mssqlserver)
    -I have the 2 above done as you can see but however the problem lies beneath!! :-(

    3-Change the value of the default Port of the Network Protocol`Default Value Setup for TCP/IP(thi can be changed simply in the interface by going into server Network Utility>>General>>Properties of TCP/IP for enabled protocols

    4-I want to be able to Disable the TCP/Ip of above

    5- I was to be able to enable the TCP/Ip of above

    Any help on the above would be very much appreciate as I am really struggling with this one and this is really something quite urgent


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