I have a database setup that contains a table with file paths (tblFilePaths) that link to specific images in a directory. I have a form that contains an Image control that is set to linked image. In the OnCurrent Event of the form, I have placed "Me.Image1.Picture=Me.FilePath.Value" to pass the current file path to the image control and display the correspoding picture. When you switch records, the different images are loaded.

I also have a query that obtains the current file path - and a report thats based on this query. My intension is to add a command button to the form that will allow me to print a report containing the image. The problem I've been having though is that when I try to print the report, it is blank... no image is printed. I have an invisible text box on the report that obtains the current file path from the query. I then tried the following code in both the OnOpen and OnPage Events of the report:


Niether of the events worked correctly and now I'm getting "You entered an expression that has no value". I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how I can print the images on the report based on the current record open in the form?