We have an application which creates an Access 2 format database (for compatibility with all newer access versions). The database is multiuser with around 20+ clients regularly accessing it.

We can reproduce locking problems once a client using a linked table to the database runs a query from a machine with XP service pack 2 and office 2003. Similiar problems seemed to be generated when the client doesn't have this combination;though generally XP sp2 seems to be involved.The message generated is that the table is currently locked.

Once the problem has occured the table is locked for all users, until everyone is disconnected and the ldb file is removed. It would also appear from using ldbviewer tools, that at the time of the problem the ldbviewer simply shows '-1' from the lock file - possibly suggesting that the ldb has become corrupt.

Is anyone aware of a problem with this environment, we are looking at updating the database to Access 2000 which does seem to resolve the problem, but are trying to find if this is a known issue and exactly which components on a machine are the cause (eg new version of Jet?)

Any ideas would be more than welcome.