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    Unanswered: ODBC -Connection failed

    I create a Test database in SQL server, also I add new user in security folder. Also I add this user in Test database, the permission are: Public, and db_owner. But when I let the user try to open the database, it is ODBC – Connection failed. I add another user a few months ago, she works fine. But the new user I added in didn’t work, did you know why. I am sure I add the same permission as the later user. Thanks.

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    Even though you added the user at the database level and gave it the different access roles (public and db_owner) - make sure you gave the user Database Access to from the Security/Logins dialog box. On the 3rd tab (Database Access) make sure the Test database is checked.

    That might be your problem.


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    Alex, it's impossible to have the user be enrolled into db_owner while not having the user to have a Database Access. Something else is fishy/not clear...
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