Dear Experts,

I was wondering if anyone could kindly help me. I have an Oracle Database installed on my pc and with installation Apache was also installed. The problem I have is I cannot access the web server. I am using Windows XP. From windows if I go to start and then choose the programs I have installed, under Oracle there is an option called "Oracle HTTP Server". If I click on that folder I have the following options to choose from:

Stop HTTP Server powered by Apache
Start HTTP Server powered by Apache

If I choose the either option a command promt window opens with the following message:

================================================== =============
fopen: No such file or directory
Apachie.exe: could not open document config file e:/oracle/ora92/xdk/admin/xml.conf

Note the errors or messages above, and press the <ESC> key to exit. 26...
================================================== =============

I have tried to open the above path by using START >> RUN but am given an error message telling me the file doesnt exist. On my machine I am running IIS on my localhost port 80. I thought maybe when Apache was installed there may be a problem with a conflict on port 80. So I changed the port number of IIS and tried to run the localhost hoping apache would open. However that didn't work.

I also downloaded Apache again and installed it hoping the problem would be solved. After I done this in Windows a new window called "Apachie Service Monitor" was installed. When I open this what I see is the following:

================================================== ===========
Service Status:
- OracleOraHome92HTTPServer

The OracleOraHome92HTTPServer is starting.
================================================== ===========

In this window I have the following options:

OK, Start, Services and Connect

If I press "Start" I get an error message window - "The request Operation has failed"
If I press "Services" The services window in Contol Panel/Administrative Tools/Services opens.

I really dont know what to do. I have run out of ideas. I would be greatful if someone could kindly help me. What do I do to rectify this problem? What I want is basically Apache working and assign it a port eg 90. So if I typed in "localhost:90" in my webrowser the Apache webserver homepage would open.

I really do hope someone could kindly help me.

I look forward to all replys


Kindest Regards