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    Unanswered: Finding column names

    I have columns like jan,feb,mar,apr,dec,etc. (these are column names). I want to update the values in the column , where the name of the column is present month name.

    For ex, i want to update the values in dec. only. Every time, the program should find out the current month and update only the values in the current month column.
    sampath gowri

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    My initial reaction is that the table "design" is flawed & complicates processing.
    You could use
    if you insist on keeping the proposed columns.

    What prevent your from having a single "MONTH" column that gets the name for that month?
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    Thumbs down Bad Design! Bad Desing!

    Did you have any database design? This is too bad to make each instance of and entity as a column,but you have some strong reasons.
    -let me know please

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    Granted it is a bad design, if you have to work with this design. I would suggest you read up on generating dynamic sql for your updates.

    variable = Month_string_from_sys_date_or_date;
    Update static_table_name
    set variable(string taken from sysdate) = value ;

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