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    Unanswered: Consolidate Data

    I have a set of information I'd like to consolidate. My data looks like this...

    Vitalic 5B 2,272
    Samsung TCCD 28,864
    Infineon CE-5 36
    Infineon CE-5 116,352
    Samsung TCCC 1,856
    Samsung TCCC 15,616
    Hynix D43 3,520
    Hynix D5 1,120
    Samsung TCB3 1,344
    Samsung TCB3 72
    Samsung TCCC 9,856
    Samsung TCCC 36
    Infineon CE-5 512
    Vitalic 5B 23,424
    Samsung TCCD 17,632
    Infineon CE-5 51,936
    Samsung TCCC 4,320
    Samsung TCCC 11,104

    I'd like to show just all of one type of chip like Samsung TCCC and total next to it. Such as...

    Vitalic 5B 2,232,272
    Samsung TCCD 128,864
    Infineon CE-5 326,312
    Samsung TCCC 51,856
    Hynix D43 13,520
    Hynix D5 441,120
    Samsung TCB3 451,344
    Infineon CE-5 91,936

    How can I do that in excel. It would show on another worksheet.

    Thanks for your help

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    Using a pivot table is probably the easiest way
    click on a cell with data in then choose
    Data -> Pivottable and Pivotchart Report
    Then follow the wizard through and this should provide what you want,
    If you have difficulty post back


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