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    Unanswered: Strange installation problem - please help!

    System statistics:

    OS: Win2k Terminal Server (SP3)
    Version: DB2 v7.1.0 - Workgroup Edition
    Code Release: SQL07010
    Level ID: 02010105

    I recently got a new job. One of my first assignments is to setup the IBM DB2 ODBC driver on the above described computer. This computer is one of four blades that are identical in every way (hardware/software/services/ect).

    The driver is already operational on the 3 other systems. I was given the workgroup edition of db2 (with which I am not very familiar), but only need the actual DB2 odbc driver. I have determined a minimal installation that will accomplish this (seemingly) simple goal. Here is my problem:

    Late in the installation process, after the files are copied and setup begins its 'configuring system' dialog, I encounter the following bewildering error:

    "The procedure entry point for sqloCreateNamedPipeP could not be located in the dynamic link library DB2SYS.DLL".

    Shortly thereafter, I get this message:

    "There has been an error configuring LDAP during this installation"

    and then finally:

    "Setup could not load the DLL <my path here> 2insqp.dll".

    I have tried installing repeatedly with different options. I have carefully picked through the configuration of this 2000 server, comparing it with the other 3 working servers.

    I am most concerned with the first error, because I believe it is leading to the applications inability to connect to its datasources. I have searched the web ferverently to no avail.

    Does anyone have any clues? It has to have something to do with this servers win2k installation. Re-installation of this particular server and its software would be like pulling teeth out of a walrus (I hope to avoid this).

    If anyone could offer and suggestions on how to resolve at least the first of these 3 issues, I would be very greatful. Have a great day.

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    If you only need to IBM DB2 ODBC driver, you should only install the DB2 Client, which is free from the IBM website. I would uninstall all DB2 compenents before you install the client. You might need to remove all DB2 entries from the registery if the client install does not work.
    M. A. Feldman
    IBM Certified DBA on DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows
    IBM Certified DBA on DB2 for z/OS and OS/390

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    Mr. Feldman,

    Your suggestions were spot-on and resolved all of the issues I mentioned in my post. Being new to DB2 (and my current job), I can't express how much help your reply has provided me. Thanks a million, have a great day and happy holidays.

    -Todd M. Lemons

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