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    Question Unanswered: Question on Collation

    I have some questions about Collation Settings.

    - if my db need to handle traditional chinese, simplified chinese and english, which collation should i use? Is CHINESE_PRC_CI_AS ok?

    - what is meant by 'Anicent Sensitive'?

    - if my db need to handle traditional chinese, simplified chinese english, japanese and korean, then which collation support these languages?

    - How to make the database support unicode? Is is just using nvarchar, ntext, nchar instead of varchar, text and char?


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    Unicode allows the use of 16 bit characters. A Unicode string can contain almost any character used on earth, including Roman, Cyrilic, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and others. The NCHAR, NTEXT, and NVARCHAR data types support Unicode data.

    No collation that I know of will support traditional chinese without using Unicode.

    I'm pretty sure that you mean "Accent Insensitive", meaning that accents are ignored, so that A, , , and all of their other accented variations are considered to be equivalent.

    I'd store your data in Unicode columns, and only force collation on them when needed for things like sorting and comparison.


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