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    Unanswered: System Files Duplicates

    When I originally set up my database, I had copied over to another database and then back into the original database. Somehow, I believe I copied the system files back into the original database. I have the system files hidden but in my tables, I have system files with a 1 at the end of each table. I believe these are duplicates but have been afraid to delete them. The tables are getting pretty large and I would like to delete. Will it affect my system in any way to delete these files??


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    The tables suffuixed with a 1 are the copies, but I'm not certain if Access uses a pointer or absolute reference
    You say the tabels are "growing", then I'd presume that the tables that are growing must be the ones in use.
    Apologies if I'm teachhing you how to suck eggs here but...
    A suggestion. take a copy of the whole database, delete the tables you want to get rid of in the copy and do a thorough system test (including adding some queries / tabels reports etc). If all works then you know you can safely delete the tables in the original version
    If you delete the tables that are in use then Access will die pretty quickly whinging about missing system data.

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