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    Unanswered: Accessing MS Access DB with attached Oracle tables from Excel

    On my workplace we have an Oracle server that holds customer data. This Oracle server is managed by one of our partners, and I therefore don't do any table-related changes to this DB. In stead we are using an Access DB where we have attached all relevant Oracle tables, using ODBC. In this Access DB we also have created additional tables, used in some special reporting issues.

    I'm developing some simple solutions in Excel, and I want to extract data from both of these sources. I want to create queries that link both Oracle tables and Access tables, but I want to have full control over User Name and Password. All users are created in Oracle, and in my Excel solution I already know this User Name and Password. In other words - I want to suppress the Oracle login screen that appears automatically when needed.

    How can I pass login information from VB in Excel to Access/Oracle in this way?

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    Use this connectionstring and fill out the username and password:

    "Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle};;Uid=Username;Pwd =asdasd;"

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