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    I have created a package to create partitions dynamically. inside a function called create_partition, for partitions format i hard coeded the format (like tablename_12JAN04_18_JAN_04). for this i have hard coded the partition_format like the following.
    partition_suffix_format := TO_CHAR(high_value_date,'_DDMONYY') || TO_CHAR(high_value_date + 6,'_DDMONYY');. its working fine in oracle and also from unix shell script.(i am calling this function thru unix script).

    my actual requirement is i need to get this format which is stored in a table which is in another schema. there the format for partitions stored for each table.

    i am getting this from that table and whiloe running this package from oracle its working fien and creates the partitions. but while calling from Unix shell script its simply fails.

    i don't know whats the problem..

    pls help me out from the issue.

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    no errors, code, etc.. it is difficult to "guess", but all in all, oracle and unix date formats are very different.

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