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    Unanswered: Export Oracle Data


    We have a Situation where we need to replicate the Database that is there in US to here in Bangalore.
    The current size of the Database is 50 GB and it can grow upto 100 GB.
    Now my problem is how do i get all these 50 GB of data.

    We have network and connectivity constraints. The moment i told my Support Group people they say its possible only by shipping the database.

    Is there any other way where we can do this effectively.

    Please help


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    Well, we could need some more information on the hardware that is being used, especially the network.

    If you've got a slow connection between the master and snapshot site, It'll be almost impossible..

    And at what kind of replication are you looking?
    Master->Snapshot, or Multimaster, or master->snapshot with updatable snapshots, etc.etc. ?

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    1. Start collecting archive logs. Ship them via internet to India as oftem as possible.
    2. Have source db start an export using 4 Gig files. Compress the files and burn onto dvd.
    3. FED-X teh dvd's to India
    4. Build the database & apply all received logs
    5. Make the India database the replication target.
    6. set up log file transport
    7. turn on replication

    I think these are in the correct order, but the idea is to ship the export files via FedX, and set up log transport via the internet. This way, the India site just keeps accumulating logs till it is time to recover the database.


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