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    Unanswered: FileMaker database development


    You have a FileMaker database working incorrect or simply wrong.
    Or you have a lot of important data and have no instruments to manage it.
    Here is a simple and inexpensive method to correct it.

    I am a skilled FileMaker developer, I have been working with FileMaker since 1999.
    I will provide you solutions to do your routine work with data most simple what you ever did.

    I have a few of service directions.
    = Development custom FileMaker business accounting systems as you order.
    = Accounting FileMaker databases for home use or education.
    = Also you may address me for reviewing existing FileMaker systems and providing of repair it.

    Please let me know if you need some service I have not described.

    Maxim Kolkin

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    Hi FM Expert

    Can you please do me a fever. I am facing a prob. and I 'm new @ FileMaker.
    How can I migrate *.fp7 to *.mbf (FileMaler Pro10 to SQL Server)

    Please let me know. I am lookinf for your suggestions...

    Thanks in advance.

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