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    Unanswered: Help!, Help!!

    I have developed a program in access and I have installed in the other computers of our office. The program works perfectly in some copmuters. But it is not working with some computers, the event procedures and macros which I have used are giving me the error message. If i create a button to open a form in the same computer also giving me the same error message.

    The computers are linked, they are in different locations using the same program. We are planning to link all those in future. The error occurs when I use a macro or event procedure with a button push.

    What went wrong???

    I need assistance from the freinds of this forum

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you checked for missing references on the computers where it's not working?

    (To display references: open the application, press Ctrl-G for the Visual Basic environment, choose Tools/References from the file menu.)

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