Hi developers:

I really need some help on this problem.
Here are the tasks I need to accomplish in a subform
-Save previous dispo (check box previously checked)
-Set current dispo to true (another check box user selected)
-Reset other dispo(ck boxes)

All controls are bound to a table in SQL Server(using Access 2000 FE)
These are being executed in the afterupdate event for ea. control.
The first and second tasks are done thru stored procedure and works fine.
The last one is thru vb and works fine.

The real problem Im having is when I try to move to another record after editing.
I just cant seem to be able to get rid this error:
Row cannot be located for updating. Some values may have been changed since it was last read.
This pops up on click event in Previous & Next buttons on subform.
Private Sub cmdNext_Click()
Set rst = Me.Recordset
Set rstclone = Me.RecordsetClone
rstclone.Bookmark = rst.Bookmark Occurs here
rst.MovePrevious sometimes here

I read it has to do with client recordset is not in synch with server recordset. I added some code and still problem not fix. All I want to do is save the previous selection and reset the values in other controls. Can anyone provide another solution I would appreciated it. I've been stuck on this for days.