My setup:
My database machine has 2 disks, the primary disk with the original data, and the secondary disk has the flash recovery area.

Also, the flash recovery area has 3 directories: archivelog, backupset, and autobackup, (Note, that there's no datafile directory. Which existed when I wasn't compressing my backups). The database is in archivelog mode.

Backup Procedure:
Two weeks ago I changed the backup procedure, so that a whole database backup is performed every friday. The backups are compressed. I'm not doin g incremental backups everyday. The only thing that seems to be updated daily is the archivelog. I also move the flash recovery area to point to an area on a backup disk.

If something were to happen to my primary disk (say I lost all the data on it), after reinstalling oracle, would I be able to recover all my data using what I had in the flash recovery area? How much data would be recoverable? What would be the procedure to recover everything (let's say after I created the new database).