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    Unanswered: asp-javascript

    I am creating many text boxes by doing:
    <% for i=1 to 9 %>
    <INPUT TYPE="text" VALUE="5" NAME="dbh<%=i%>2">
    <% Next %>
    and then in my javascript function I want to assign values to these text boxes;
    for (s = 1; s <= 9; s++) {
    document.t3.f.value= s;
    but the above function does not work..
    I tried
    var tk="t3.dbh12";

    but that does not work either!
    Does anybody know how I can write the javascript function?

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    Do a search for the javascript function eval. That will help you to create javascript that will access dynamic objects.


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    it looks like you are mixing up client side and server side javascript.
    If you want to build form elements dynamically you would use only server side javascript and html:

    <%//server side javascript
    //loop and create a text field on each loop

    //declare the f variable and store the new field name for each loop
    var f;

    for (s = 1; s <= 9; s++) {
    //change the name of f at each loop
    //now we are ready to build the html, lets close the server side asp tag and switch to html


    <p><INPUT TYPE="text" VALUE="value goes here" NAME="<% = f %>"></P>

    //now we are back server side and close the loop
    //end of script


    This should do it, not that you should do this within the body of your page where you want to form elements to go.
    Hope this helps,

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