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    Unanswered: CLI0613E error in setObject for Blob


    I dont know if its the right forum to post this problem.
    Its a java + db2 problem.

    My application is giving a CLI0613 error in setObject for a BLOB type object.
    Environment is - DB2v 7.2, Java2, windows 2000 server.
    The error log is - [IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0613E Program type out of range. SQLSTATE=S1003
    at ception(
    at t(
    at t(

    The object type in setObject is java Blob.

    Thanks a lot ,

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    CLI0613E Program type out of range.


    The object given in the PreparedStatement/CallableStatement
    setObject is not a valid object type.

    User Response:

    Make sure the object to be set is one of the object types allowed
    in setObject (see JDBC specification).

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    Thanks for your response. I'm still trying to fix it.

    I found that the same code runs fine on other servers. Even on the same database(when transferred to other server). This problem is coming only on one server.

    So, it looks like there is some problem with that one server's JDBC driver or some other configuration settings due to which it is failing in setObject for an object of type java.sql.Blob.

    All servers are using JDBC 2 drivers.

    Please let me know if you've any idea on what may be wrong.


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