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    Question Unanswered: Report not printing all records?

    I have created a report from the wizard. Using two tables "Contacts" & "Procedures". I have Contacts related "One-to-many" to Procedures. I want to print out a report that has all the contacts information in the report header and then in the Detailed Section I wanted the procedure information per the contact. The report works just fine, but only shows those records where there is information in both tables. If the Contact does not have any procedures the contact will not print. I would like to have the report print out all contacts, even if they have no procedures.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Please help....thanks, Chuck

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    Hi Enviva
    What you neeed to do is create a query for the report which joins the two tables using the common element.
    So Create a new query,
    Add the tables you require
    select the columns (fields) you require in your report

    Select the line that links the two tables, and right clcik to display the properties
    Change the link type to read "include all from contacts and only those from Procedures where equal" or something like that
    save the query
    then layout your report as normal

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    Hi Chuck,
    Do you have a Form that you select the data for your Report? Do you have your Form Based on a Query? If so I would think you base your Report on that same Query without setting any criteria and it should pull into the Report everything that shows in the Form. At least mine have all worked that way. Sounds like you already have your relationships set up but double-check just the same as suggested.

    have a nice one,

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    Thanks-a-Million, that did the job!!! The report runs just as I wanted. Being new to Access I did not know what the different "Join" types did in the relationship.

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