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    Question Unanswered: #Error due to null value

    I have a main form (Accounts) that contains a subform (subPayActive) which is based on a query. In the form footer of subPayActive is a text box control that sums the values of [Payment]. On the main form, Accounts, I have another text box that has it's control source set to the sum'd text box on subPayActive. Everything works great as long as there are values for [Payment]. If this field is ever null, I get the dreaded #Error.

    I've tried using the following two lines in the control source of the text box on form Accounts, but I still get #Error:



    Niether of them worked - I keep getting the error. Can anyone lend me some advice on how to tackle this?

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    Have you tried the following:
    Try using the NZ function independently for each variable, like:


    hope this helps


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