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    Question Unanswered: Login issue in PuTTy...Need urgent suggestions!!

    We have an issue in using the PuTTy to access the DB.

    One of my colleague is in client site. He is saying that while connecting to schema @ symbol is considered as new line char. So he couldnt make an SQL session in puTTy. He can not use any other utility as per client's regulations.

    Is any one knows, what could be the reason. It is really urgent and would appreciate your suggestions.

    Thank you.


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    PuTTy is a kind of a terminal? If so, does it support emulation of other kinds of terminals? For example, Digital VT220? There @ acts as real '@' and he might find it useful.
    But, if my assumption was wrong ... sorry, can't help you much.

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    I use PuTTY (freeware terminal emulator) without problems. It's pretty configurable. There is a bit of a knack to getting it to remember settings though. It might also be worth checking the Unix stty settings.

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    Hello avr,

    I too use Putty without any problem. Maybe your colleague should try different values for "The function keys and keypad" under "Terminal->Keyboard" (it influences how some keys are interpreted, and I think it is some terminal emulation like Littlefoot said : Linux, SCO, VT400, VT100+...).


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    It might be the server he is connecting to. Back in the early days of Unix the @ character was the "line kill" character (rather then having to backspace numberous times). It would look a lot like a CR by the way it acts.

    Have him type "stty -a<RETURN>". I bet it will show that the kill character = @. If so have him type "stty kill cntrl-U". NOTE by cntrl-U I mean "hold down the control key and hit U".
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