Hello out there,
we are trying to establish a connection to a DB2 Database using the following code:

Set cnADO = New ADODB.Connection
'*** Open Connection
Logging.Log "Connecting... [" + DBFilename + ", " + UserName + ", " + Password + "]"
Call cnADO.Open(DBFilename, UserName, Password)
Logging.Log "Connected."

The connection will eventually be established, but the connection time (got this via the logging) varies between none (less than one second) and ten minutes (!).

Does anybody have an idea ?

Here is our environment:
OS-Version AIX 5.2.0 ML3
DB2-Fixpack Fix 5

BS-Version Windows 2000 Server SP4
DB2-Client Version DB2 8.1 RT
DB2-Client FixPack Fixpack 5
Microsoft MDAC Version 2.7

Thanks for any suggestions

Sascha Bötzel