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    Question Unanswered: Recordset finished point?

    I have a ASP page which use response buffer = True so one does not really se anything happening when the select option list wait for all the records to pop in there.
    So I have a javascript show("data_loads"); which turns on a GIF "data loads.gif" which I start with the submit.
    I also have a javascript that hides the gif again hide("data_loads");
    How do I find the point when the recordset is just finished to run the second script hide("data_loads");
    It should be sth with EOF but the EOF never becomes true so what could I use here?
    or is there some built in function in ASP I can use here I´ve missed out on?
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    where does a recordset end? when you LOOP finishes running
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    yes you could say sth like that.
    eg. all the data (recordset) is transported from the server to the users client webbrowser.
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