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    Unanswered: Query problem [resolved]

    Hi am tring to write a program in which connects to and excutes some queries, I try to excute the below query and it says something is up with my statement

    INSERT INTO calls ( CallID, ContactID, CallDate, CallTime, Callername, Notes, CallerCompany, ActionTakenID, EmployeesID, ShortMessage, CallerNumber, Charged, OperatorID, DDI) Values (1602848, 1398, #17/12/2004#, #15:22:01#, "Not forwarded", "No message", "N/A", 7, 22, "Message For 15:21:55 on 17/12/2004", "Number Withheld", False, 42, "9240")

    Have tried the above in Access and it works fine, is MySQL a bit more fussy?
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    Spent hours on this, finally found out stupid mysql likes it's dates like

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    don't assume access queries will run in mysql

    there's a lot more that's different between the two of them than just the format of the sate strings | @rudydotca
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