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    Unanswered: global temp table vs. permanent table use

    I need to decide what is better to use: global temp table ( I can't use local one) or permanent table in SQL 2000 stored procedures. I extract data from linked server table and update several tables on our server.
    Those procedures scheduled to run every 3 hours.

    Another question: for some reasons when I used global temp table, I wasn't able to schedule multi steps with every step executing one of the stored procedures.I think global temp tables should be visible to other stored procedures, right?

    Your suggestions?

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    Only if it's created in a driver sproc, then it calls nested sprocs.

    Otherwise it's gone at the end of the process....

    I'd say create a permanent won't incurr the overhead of using tempdb...

    Sounds like a staging table to me anyway....

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