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    Hi guys,

    Need your help again. Is there a way to track changes made on a field by users? The database I am developing is for a health clinic, and part of the privacy act HIPPA requires a log of changes and who made changes on a database. Please help.... I can't seem to find the feature in Securities within access. Are there plugins or add ons to make this happen?

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    You would be ill advised to use access in a HIPPA compliant environment. It is not secure.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    HIPPA wtf?

    if you want an audit trail in access then you will have to write your own...
    create a table to record all changes to the tables
    identifying the table, the action taken and the column(s) affected

    in each form place some VBA to track records added, deleteed or changed
    use the API call to identify the user rather than currentdb. Needs flags setting in the before insert, afterdelete and before update events

    I'd suggest you keep the audit log as a hidden table

    deploy your access model as and MDE, not MDB
    hope there's no one out there on your network who can circumvent the workgroup security
    good luck

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