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    Unanswered: create delete trigger without knowing table name

    I have 4 tables:

    A document table
    A doctype table
    a general table
    a drawing table

    document is a parent table to general and drawing. There is a identifying relationsionship between document and general and document and drawing. (1:0-N)
    document contains an attribute doctype_id which references doctype.doctype_id. doctype is a parent table to document. There is a non-identifying relationship between doctype and document. (1:0-N)

    I would like to create a trigger that enforces the constraint that any time a record is deleted from the document table the associated reference, whether it be a general or a drawing will also be deleted.


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    Must be finals time again. Second maybe third request that sounds a lot like a class assignment to me.

    Maybe I am just being cynical.
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    You don't need a trigger - ON DELETE CASCADE on the foreign key constraints does that.

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