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    Question Unanswered: ORA 12154: TNS: Service name could not...


    At work I'm writing a program to store reports in to an oracle database.
    On the developing computer I can access the database and do what is needed.
    With Toad I can look in to the database from any point on the network.
    The database is on de coporate network.

    When I run my program on another pc then the developers one, I get the error: "ORA 12154: TNS: service name could not be resolved."

    I have checked the tnsnames.ora file and the entry in there is exactly the same as in the tnsnames.ora file on the developer computer.

    Since Toad uses the tnsnames.ora file as well, I know the entry in there is ok.
    But then what is the problem?

    I am writing the program in VB.NET and I use Oracle 9i.

    What could be the difference between the developers computer and any other pc, if they both have the same tnsnames.ora file and oracle 9i installed?

    Please help?


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    Did you check "sqlnet.ora" in the same directory too?

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    Yes I have and I didn't find anything that is not how it should be.

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