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    Exclamation User Profile database help in design

    Hello Folks,

    I need help in design a database for a company dept that wants to display the Profile information of their employees. Each User's (Employee) profile will consist of some basic data: Name, Phone, Email... and some questions that the Dept Manager will present. Each of those questions will have some predetermined answers, all of this data will be the profile of the User.

    Here is my design so far Link to image of tables and relationship

    My problem is that when I do a query I see one additional relationship added in the Query, I am using Access 2K query builder, and no data is available.

    What am I doing wrong? Any help and or suggestions in my design would be appreciated.


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    Here U Go

    Always start by asking, answering and writing down the relationship between your entities

    A person(employee) can answer one or many a questions
    A question can be answered by one or many persons (employees)

    So.... what you have is a 'many to many' between person and question. To 'resolve' this your associative entity is your answers.... see the attached pic


    Remember... good design, saves time
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