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    Unanswered: How to write RMAN backup to SBT(Tape Drive)

    I have hp superstore dat 40 and I want to take backup of database to my Tape drive how can communicate with my tape drive, I already configure "device type to sbt" but when I give command to take tape backup it says can't find media library, some one plz help how can I download media library for my tape drive. I have Win NT operating system, and Compaq tape drives. Refrences/manuals are also welcome.
    Thanks in advance

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    Obviously, you don't have user's manual of a tape drive and no book about Windows NT ... Did you search through NT's help system? Google a little bit?

    I can't offer much, unfortunately ... however, I can say a few words about our backup system. Our Oracle DB runs on Digital Alpha server under OpenVMS (later, Compaq bought Digital, and several years ago HP and Compaq united) and we use Compaq tapes too. I guess our (your and mine) tape drives aren't the same, but: during the backup of the database (no matter is it data, control and redo-log files backup or backup of the export file), tape must be mounted prior to using it. VMS offers two ways of doing it: tape can be mounted manualy (issuing the "mount" command; then you can "copy" data onto the tape) or implicitly using the "backup" command (which mounts the tape during the backup process).

    My point was: search for the "mount" keyword; perhaps it'll help you to successfully backup your database.
    Sorry if this didn't help at all ...

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