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    Unanswered: PHP Mailer (for once I want a bounce)

    I'm running php mailer on a site we built and need to know if the email I'm sending is bouncing. This is not spam! I'm sending legit mail. A 'bounce' message is the only way I have of knowing if the recipient's email address has been correctly entered into our system.

    From my desktop (Outlook) I can send and receive mail to the box in question including bounces ( but when php mailer (set to show as being sent from sends to an incorrect address the bounce message never comes back to the box.

    Ideas appretiated.


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    Are you setting a 'reply to' address in your mail headers? I think if you do not set this most email clients will use the 'from' address as the reply to. I'd check it if you are not getting bounced reply.



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