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    Unhappy Unanswered: how to make connection From FileMaker pro 7 to ASPVBscript

    hi friends,

    well i'm a newbies in using filemaker pro 7,so i had a problem to share with you! i'm using filemaker pro 7 as my database right! Then i'm use ASPVBscript to make a connection on it...

    Then I use ODBC on it,but still i cant make a connection on it.i had try it about 5 weeks but it's fail ....actually i want to make web based system and using filemaker pro 7 as ny database
    can anyone help to solve my problem..plz


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    you might try XML instead

    When you turn on web publishing, if gives you the ability to query/post using xml.

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    Thumbs up Something that can help you...

    [COLOR=Indigo]Kak Azna, I think this web site will help you much (hope so..) to do connection with FMP.Try it!Selamat Ari Raya!

    Be cool...the more you learn the more you expert!

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