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    Help with database identification

    First, i want to make my appologies if i post this thread in the wrong folder. I am a kind of newbie in DBs and i need your help.
    I have an application which contains all postal codes from my country, i want to make use of the database of the software but i can't find what kind of database the program use!!!
    I have disassemble the program (i'm newbie) to try and find a clue. Nothing.

    thank you

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    You're not only a newbie to databases... but the Internet and computers as well.

    Hans, look if somebody sends you or asks to you click on a file with an 'exe' extension, it is an executable program. It could be a virus or dangerous program.

    You attached such a program. Not that what you attached is bad, dangerous etc. But nobody who knows computers would take the chance.

    Does your database run on a PC, or other type of computer?
    Is there a file extension associated with your db?

    Look in folder directory where this postal code program runs? What are the file extensions you see in there?

    This information might help (might) someone to determine your database type


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    Thanks vmusic for the answer.
    I'm not newbie in computers. Only that i'm focused on CISCO and networks in general. Programming it's a hobby for me.
    Yes. You're right. That file it's possible to contain a lot of craps. But this is not the case.

    About that database. Probably you don't know that I was trying for a week to identify that database.

    1. The software is composed from an exe file and a DAT file. It has some registry keys to store the settings.
    2. The extension of the database file is "magical": .DAT (I know that is a generic one)
    3. Trying to view the file in a HEX editor i got no clues, not even a known signature: i have attached the picture of it.
    4. I have disassembled the exe file to view what libraries use. nothing (probably something OLE!? but...
    5. I try to use programs like SmartDBViewer, OLEDBDirect BlueshellDataGuy. Nothing.

    Please help me, or, at least, tell me from where or with what to start to identify what they used to create that database.

    I don't want to be misunderstand. I don't want to put nobody at free work.

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    here is the picture of HEX
    i've forgot to attach it
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