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    Unanswered: Problem in Informix XPS installation


    I am trying to set up a cluster of co-servers as an experiment. Informix XPS version is 8.4. I have 2 2CPU servers with HP-UX 11i as OS. I have installed Informix XPS on each of them and it works fine in stand alone mode. However, when I try to configure them as coservers, it fails.
    I try starting the coservers with the following command:
    xctl -b= -X= oninit -X=

    And I get the following error:
    --- xctl: unable to connect to id=2 node=test1va
    xctl: failed on coserver nodes: 2(test1va)

    The details of the configuration files are attached along. The two servers are test1va and test2va.

    Any pointer to make it work are most welcome.

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