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    Unanswered: Does a Job execute MUCH faster???


    Previosuly I was executing 2 DTS packages one afte the other manually and together they took a CONSIDERABLE time. The 1st one was pulling data from the OLPT, doing transformations and populating the tables in my Datamart and the 2nd one was doing a FULL process of all the dimensions and cubes.

    However I tried scheduling the DTSs as jobs and havethen merged the 2 resulting jobs as a SINGLe job having 2 sequential steps. To my surprise the resulting job takes less than half the time (actually even lesser) as compared with my original approach i.e. running the DTSs.

    Am i getting over excited here or is this natural? I assume that if this is correct then jobs much be some sort of "compiled" version as compared to DTS and maybe that's why I have this terrific improvement in terms of execution times.

    I'll appreciate comments. Thanks

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    It's actually a little simpler than that. The same exact set of processes are involved in running your package(-s) interactively or as a scheduled job. The difference lies in the fact that, while being scheduled, the package runs on the server, and any and all output streams are within the "server reach" (in other words nothing leaves the box), running the same package interactively causes every output flag (such as the number of rows processed so far) to be sent to the client.
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    Thanks for the reply

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