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    Unhappy Unanswered: geoserver error : no suitable driver

    I would like to install a geoserver using a postgresql database.
    The OS is freeBSD-5.3-RELEASE
    I have installed postgresql-7.4.6, postgis0.9.0_1, postgresql-jdbc-7.4.6 and
    I have created a database normaly and when i try to store the database in the geoserver i have this exception :
    Connection failed:java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver
    Are there any troubles with the posgres or postgis installation ?
    Does anyone can help me please !!!!!
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    Smile geoserver error : no suitable driver

    Well, in spite of the fact that nobody answered to this thread, i resolved the problem. If the solution can help somebody...
    The SQLException "no suitable driver" can be thrown for several reasons :
    - You didn't download the mysql driver (can be found at This driver must be placed in your jre/lib/ext or in the classpath of your java application
    - In the "DriverManager.getConnection("Adress");" method of your application, the Adress is wrong. It was the case for me. In the geoserver web interface, the address i gave was http://localhost instead of localhost, so i think that the method getConnection was trying to connect with :
    instead of :
    the driver address was jdbc:mysql://http instead of jdbc:mysql and this is why i had this SQLException "no suitable driver".
    You would tell me that there is no links with postgres but yes there is one :
    If i put http://localhost instead of localhost it's because when i put localhost, i had a "can't connect to postgres" error and it was because i didn't enabled the tcp/ip connections in the postgresql configuration file. So if you need to use geoserver with postgres don't forget to enable tcp/ip connections.
    That's all folks.
    Hope this can help someone.

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