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    Unanswered: What is the best way for getting database info into Excel Cells?

    I am new to SQL Server and am trying to figure out the best method for connecting Microsoft Excel sheets to a SQL database. I have an application where Excel workbooks are opened that need specific cells on different worksheets populated by specific data from different tables.

    Currently the business is using Excel for everything and wants to convert to a database to store the pricing and other information and eventually have some of it available online. They have decided to use Sql Server but haven’t decided on a version yet. I downloaded Sql Server 2005 Express and have been testing it out but like I stated earlier I’m new to Sql Server.

    My question is: What would be a good approach or solution for getting specific data linked to and updated from the database into particular cells whenever an Excel Workbook is opened, it would seem that somehow I need a connection string within each cell needing data or a program in between the two to handle the work but the updating needs to happen when the worksheet is opened.

    Any input or thoughts at all would be appreciated!
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