Having spent a long while getting SC 3.2 Monitoring components running against SYBASE ASE and succeeding I am having some problems.

When I activate any Monitor I get a message stating that :

(Translated from French)
"The present controled server is not the one chosen (configured) in SC. Check the Properties page of the server"

I want to monitor two ASE Servers. Each Server is associated with its twin Monitor Server. SQL.INI is properly configured. Both servers are listed and entries match. I looked in the registry (SC host) and I have found no trace of anything about a default Monitor Server. Both Monitor servers are listed correctly.

It seems to ma that SC reads some sort of static configuration somewhere, does anyone know where that configuration setting is ?


Monitor windows open with no problem but, it gets its data at regular intervals but when I try to change settings like sampling rates or filters, I cannot type anything is the spaces and the settings window and it's parent freeze. I must kill them via XP. As anyone ever had such difficulties?

Thanks in advance