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    Unanswered: Employee Shifts

    Does anyone have experience with this???

    I need to create a DB to input and track employee's shifts...we are a 24 hour company with varying shift lenghts(10hr, 6hr, 12hr etc.) and some are reoccurring and some are random...any thoughts??

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    Bit of a genralazation there. Since the Data model comes first here is a link to tons of data models there is like one that you will be able to use.
    Data models
    If you have specific questions let us know and we will help out.

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    There would be:
    Employee Table with E_ID & E_Name
    Shift Table with E_ID, E_Name, Date, Start_Time, End_Time

    Basically, at the beginning of each month, the master user will input everyone's shifts.
    I would like a calendar style print out of the shifts...

    There can be up to five employees on the same shift...also, some employees work a recurring shift and I would like to be able to have that auto generate in the months ahead.


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    Why not have a table with number of hours with an ID
    employee table
    Shift table - employeeID, HoursID, Start Time, Date
    Query - employeeID, HoursID, Start time, EndTime:[StartTime]+HoursID using DateDiff

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    That sounds like a good idea...
    I guess my biggest concern would be to develop the recurring capability...

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