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    Unanswered: Informix Dbase Table - help needed...

    Hi to all! I'm a newbie.

    here's my problem;

    I have a table that have some indexes that are corrupt. I have tried repairing the table 4 times using the 'repair' utility and still didn't fix all the errors.

    This is what I want to do:

    Unload data of the table (unload)
    create a backup of the table (dbschema)
    check schema file
    drop old table
    create table
    load data

    i know how to unload the data and to get the schema of the old table. after that, I don't know what to do.

    please help.
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    Hi Jojo,

    After you have taken an unload and save the output of dbshcema in to a file. Edit the file and give the table a new name, then run dbaccess, select your database and run the schema file, a new table will be created. Then load the data into the new table. Check the contents. Now drop the old table and rename this table to your old table.

    Steps -

    In dbaccess
    unload to a.unl select * from abc

    At unix prompt

    dbschema -d nwo -t abc a.out
    (will create a file a.out with the schema of table abc, edit this file and change the table name say to xyz)

    In dbaccess

    Run a.out, a new table will be created
    load from a.unl insert into xyz
    (check the contents)
    drop table abc
    rename table abc to xyz

    Hope it helps.

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    yes! thank you so much!!!

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