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    Unanswered: Slow Reports with subreports

    I'm having a problem with reports who have 1 or more subreports.
    Opening this report in crviewer is very very slow.
    The subreport was inserted using the "Choose a Report" giving the subreport filename.
    Example: Report file Name "p:\
    The problem is that in other computers the drive letter is diferent and is in that computers that the report is very very slow.
    Can anyone give some help about this??
    Thanks in adavance for your help

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    When a subreport is inserted in to a main report the report is going to run slower. Likewise when you insert more than one subreport the report is going to run even slower. This is a normal thing in Crystal Reports. Perhaps you can simplify your subreports into one subreport.

    Think of it like this, for every detail that is being displayed in your report one or in your case multiple subreports are being processed.

    The issue your having with inserting the subreport and other machines have different drive letters is a non issue. When you insert a subreport in designer your embedding the subreport into the main report. If your user's can open your report where ever it is on the network they'll in turn be opening the subreport(s) along with it.

    Crystal Reports is a powerful tool for viewing and manipulating no doubt, nobody says that it's lightning fast. You should run your reports the fastest machine possible. This is why reports are normally scheduled to run overnight of off peak times.

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    I have a similar problem. On the development machine the report shows up in 1 second, but on a terminal server machine it takes it 21 seconds. Ive managed to narrow it down to being a problem with just subreports (in VS.NET), even having a pair of blank reports increases the time it takes to set the printer from less than a second to over 20 seconds (setting a printer, setting the dataset as source, or any such thing takes 20 seconds longer than it should, if I have a subreport).

    So any good ideas? The reason Im using subreports is to have two different sections in the printout, first details, then a summary. The summary uses its own details section, which is why Ive done it this way. And also to enable turning off the details when the user wants to.

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