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    Unanswered: Select ordering...

    I have a query which can be big or small. Basically what it does is something like this...
    select * from table where a = 3 or a = 2 or a = 4

    The problem I'm having is when I'm fetching the array it doesn't return in the same order as I searched for it. So in this example I want the results returned in 3,2,4 not 2,3,4 like it does. Is there any way to fix this?
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    SQL Results have no "defined order" as long as you dont' put an "order by" clause in the select, which will not help in your case if I understand it correctly.

    An "unsure" workaround may be the following

    select * from table where a=3
    union all
    select * from table where a=2
    union all
    select * from table where a=4.

    (depens on the RDBMS+Version which order your get).

    The real good (?) solution would be:

    create table "table2" (ordering int, searcharg int)
    insert into table2 values (1, 3)
    insert into table2 values (2, 2)
    insert into table2 values (3, 4)

    select table.* from table , table2
    where table.a = table2.searcharg
    and table.a in (3,2,4)
    order by table2.ordering

    (I've put als the "or"-predicates in an "in" -predicate, which normally performs better).

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    mysql has a really neat function you can use for this custom ordering

    SELECT foo, bar
    FROM yourtable
    WHERE a IN (3,2,4)
    ORDER BY FIELD(a,3,2,4) | @rudydotca
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