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    Unanswered: Problem while importing, Very Urgent

    Hi All

    I have two Oracle servers
    1) Oracle 9.2. on SUN SOLARIS(machine 1)
    2) Oracle 9.2. on SUN SOLARIS(machine 2)

    I exported a user from machine 1, and when i try to import it in
    machine 2, i'm getting the following error

    IMP-00067: could not convert the server character set's handle.

    I'm not even able to export any user from machine 2, when i tried to export, i'm getting Oracle Error 3106.

    Can any one help me out, it is urgent.

    Many Thanks

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    My first guess is that each database is using a different NLS character set...
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    I agree ... reading this forum, it seems that many problems during import are solved by correcting NLS character set.

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    This is the official text from metalink:

    Error: IMP 67 Text: Could not convert to server character set's handle
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cause: Internal error.
    Action: Contact Worldwide support

    Not very helpfull..

    I searched a bit further, but I could only find situations with this errors which involves creating a repository on a 8i database, and client-pc's which are missing required support files for the WE8ISO8859P15 character set..

    But as it seems, check your NLS_LANG settings on both machines.

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    What are the NLS_LANG settings on both servers?
    why would they be different?
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