With our new Design (www.rtcproductions.com) we're looking to get a bit of paid advertising up and running on the site.

The reason I put the title as "unique" is because if you look at the site, there isnt actually any space for the usual banner ads. However, on the right of every page other than the index.html page, there is a space to advertise a site. We currently have our partner up there (www.exceedhosting.com) but we're looking to set up a rotation system for that section with a small selection of differant hosts or companies related to the design industry (templates, graphics design, web design etc etc).



As you can see from the stats, we've recently moved host so stats from before cant be shown...but We get a steady flow of visitors via advertising and forums etc.

If you interested in being on this unique placement please contact me via email or MSN messenger and we can chat more.

Im thinking about putting a fixed price of $30 for a months advertising...but this is negotiable if you feel its a bit expensive. (first time we've tried paid advertising)

I look forward to hearing from you

Russell Clow
RTC Productions CEO


EMAIL: russclow@rtcproductions.com
MSN: russclow@blueyonder.co.uk