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    never seen this before, but I keep getting an error > "Operationg is not allowed while the object is closed" I thought maybe I was getting this due to an error in my stored procedure, however the procedure runs fine. Could this be an error in my procedure that it's just not catching? Or is it more likely to be in my VB code? Anyone know in general why this happens? Thanks.

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    here's my code for the event that i get the error on...

    Private Sub cmdDelete_Click()
    On Error GoTo ErrLabel:
    If MsgBox("Are You Sure You Wish To Delete This Record?", vbYesNo) _
                = vbYes Then
    strSQLXRefGrid = _
                        "up_UpdateXRefTable " & _
                            intActID & "," & _
                            intPrimaryID & "," & _
                            intSecondaryID & "," & _
                            intXRefID & "," & _
    Set rsSubmit = _
    PopulateSecondaryGrid _
    strSQLXRefGrid, _
    "xr_intActID", _
    "xr_intSecondaryID", _
    "Secondary Title:", _
    "sm_strSecName", _
    "No Records Currently Exist", _
    End Sub
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    Where do you open "global_adoConnection"?

    Where do you dim "rsSubmit"? Are you explicitly diming it? There could be a globally defined "rsSubmit" on another open form that is in use.

    Can you check that your global_adoConnection is open. I believe there is a property on the ADODB connection object that let's you test for this.
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