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    Unanswered: League table help

    Hi guys!

    Compliments of the season to you all........

    Right to business

    I seem to have volunteered to make a small database for a charity. (Dont you just regret saying "sure, anything to help")

    The have a group of some 40 soccer teams in 4 leagues. They want to have a database to :-

    1. List all the teams (can do that)
    2. enter scores played, won, lost, points etc yep can do that !
    3. automatically set up weekly fixtures so that all teams will play each other twice a season (nope cant do this one)

    so getting to the point here... has anyone something of this database nature that i could look at to see if i can move this quicker and more importantly - give these kids something they cant afford to buy commercially.

    If no one has an example advice will be well appreaciated

    Regards and a very happy Christmas and more importantly a peacefull new year to all


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    Go to the above link. Scroll down to the bottom until you see a football icon. Click it and it will take you to Nigel Thomas' site.

    He's got a stunning free program which calculates league info. It's the best. I've been using it in my soccer leagues since 1999.

    The other link, CFB Software, is a low cost program which can calculate fixtures.

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    YOU ARE A STAR!!!!!

    Thanks soooooo much that is exactly what was needed.

    many thanks from myself and the kids in the league



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