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    Unanswered: combo box list box


    i have have a combo box that list model numders bound to productid. what i want to do is select a model number and have the price diplayed in invoice price text box.

    the code i have written is

    strfilter = "productid=" & me!productid

    me!invoiceprice = dlookup ("invoice price", "products", strfilter)

    the error message i recieve is can't find field invoiceprice.

    any help would be greatful thanks

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    I would make that control source a query and base the predicate on the other control

    I never used dlookup for this

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    If you have a single price for the item, you could consider adding it to the row source of the combo / list box.
    This wouldn't work though if you had more than one price for the item.
    It wouldn't be a smart idea if you have a large numnber of products on the list box, nor is it 'smart' to have more columns than required in the list box

    so lets assume that you added the invoiceprice to the rowsource for the combobox then you can pick up the price from the relevant column.

    me!invoiceprice = me!productid.column(x) 'where x is the order the invoiceprice is in the row source for the combo box

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    Hi carash77ash.....

    Why don't you just in your Table a Product Field and a Price Field for that product. Then when you make your ComboBox and Select the Product, the Price for that product automatically comes up. See the small sample I attached that does just what I'm talking about. At least it seems that is what you are wanting.

    have a nice holiday!!!
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